Why Charter a Catamaran?

Gyrfalcon catamaran is available in a number of destinations, including the BVI, USVI, Croatia, Italy, Greece Spain and more! Catamaran charters are a very popular type of charter and for good reason. They provide a stable and enjoyable voyage where you can relax and let the crew do what they love! Catamarans are the ultimate yacht for offering the combination of true freedom and authentic sailing with the contemporary comfort of a luxury motor yacht.

Key benefits of a catamaran are:

  • The wide beam makes them very stable, reducing seasickness
  • The wide beam also means they are extremely spacious
  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Panoramic views from the flybridge
  • Closeness and easy access to the water
  • Wide sun decks for more comfortable lounging on the deck than a typical sail yacht (especially the trampoline!)
  • Fewer stairs and less separation between the cockpit and the galley
  • More private and spacious sleeping quarters as cabins are separated from each other in the hulls. Cabins are doubles, making them perfect for couples or families.
  • Easier to navigate in shallow water which means anchoring closer to beaches than most boats!
  • The salon creates a natural wind blocker when anchored, so you can enjoy the back deck even on windy days
  • A feeling of being "on top of the world" when in the salon